Blog Post No.7

Taylor and I continued our road trip west as we drove through the desert before we arrived at our second destination, the Hollywood Roosevelt. My first night in Hollywood was very interesting, to say the least. I seriously thought I was about to die, while Tony and Taylor developed their love for the pool at the Roosevelt.

I still don’t know exactly what was wrong with me, but it felt like I had three knives in my stomach. I diagnosed myself (with the assistance of WebMD of course) with a case of dehydration, but I really don’t know why I felt the way I did. Back to the pool, both Tony and Taylor spent every free second at that pool!! But neither of them actually got into the pool…. Didn’t ever even put on a swimsuit!! They would just stand around the pool and talk about – the weather or photography or sports or fashion or restaurants….

Actually they probably didn’t really talk to each other; most likely they just stood there checking out the beautiful women at the Hollywood Roosevelt pool! Meanwhile, I’m still trying to fight off death and looking for Marilyn Monroe’s ghost.