Blog Post No.6

Monday, May 18 was the first day of recording. Around 2 pm, we walked to the studio because I don’t like to drive anywhere when I’m in Hollywood. It wasn’t a bad walk at all, about ten or fifteen minutes. When we arrived at Sunset Sound, it began to set in on me, “I am seriously about to record in a studio that many of my favorite artists have recorded in,”!! The history of Sunset Sound is inspiring. Before we arrived, Warren Huart, the Engineer, had been setting up and dialing in the drum tones since the morning.

Once I arrived, everyone was pretty close to being ready to go. Aaron and I got together to talk about the change that needed to be made on “Come Home Soon”. Earlier in the day, right when I woke up, I had an idea for the pre-chorus and I recorded it on my iPhone, so I played it for Aaron; he liked it – so we had our pre-chorus fixed.

Graham “Cracker” Hope, the Assistant Engineer, got me set up in the tracking room and the next thing I knew, we were recording drums and bass for “Come Home Soon”. This was the first time I had been in a session where most of the tracking was done live, so I got to sit in the middle of these amazing session players and just make music!

For me, it was nothing but fun! I wasn’t worried about anything, because the song felt right. Aaron would guide the players in a direction for the feel he wanted the song to have, and then it was all about getting locked in. We made a few arrangement changes; everybody would make a note of it, then it was back to getting the tracks right. Time went by fast. The next thing I knew, we were done with drums and bass and moving on to overdubbing electric guitars.

At the end of day one, I felt the day was a success.