Blog Post No. 5

We started around 10:30 a.m.  “Cowboys Forever” was the next song on the agenda. A few alterations were made for the drum sound, but we all got in the room, learned the song, then started tracking.  This song took shape relatively quickly… Again, we made a few arrangement changes.

Originally, after the first verse, there was a pre-chorus that went directly into the second verse… Aaron decided we should go into the chorus before the second verse, so we implemented that change and kept on moving forward.  Then, we added a four bar section that Aaron referred to as “the Who part” after the bridge. Once the arrangement was ironed out, we focused on getting the drum and bass tracks down.

A few takes later we were done and moving on to the third and final song, “Phoenix”.  For this song, we brought the band into the control room to listen to the demo so they could chart out the song. We didn’t make any changes to the arrangement on “Phoenix”, so we finished tracking drums and bass in just a couple of takes. After we finished tracking “Phoenix”, we took a two-hour break to take pictures and get documentation of the microphone placements and the setting on all the gear because Warren liked the drum sound so much.

Now, this wasn’t Warren’s first time at the rodeo – he doesn’t spend two hours documenting a sound unless he really thinks the tones are great! At the end of day two, we were right on schedule and definitely feeling pretty good about the way the drums sounded.