Blog Post No. 4

Wednesday was the day dedicated to electric guitar overdubs. If you have ever been in a studio, you know how difficult it can be to record electric guitars because of intonation problems. (Intonation means tuning.) It can break down even the best guitar player because it is such a frustrating issue to deal with.

We did have some intonation problems, but I must say that Adam never let it get to him and, eventually, we got everything sounding great. All three songs began to take shape at this point. The overall vision of each song could vaguely be seen. My favorite guitar line happens in “Phoenix”, in the second verse after the line “kiss me like you’ll never kiss another”. The guitar line is very subtle, but something about it gets me every time I hear it.

My second favorite guitar part is in “Cowboys Forever”. The guitar lick happens during the bridge…. The best part about it is that Adam was obviously getting into the song and really liked the part he played; when we had the guitar soloed, we could very easily hear Adam saying, “Ahhh yeah”, on the track while he was playing the guitar.

It was hilarious, but awesome at the same time! Not only did we track electrics, but we also tracked the acoustic guitars. Tony brought his Gibson on the trip and it made it on the record, his guitar is the acoustic used on “Come Home Soon”. At the end of day three, what we had been working on was starting to sound like music.