Blog Post No. 2

This day started off with Zac finishing up on the keyboard parts. Once again, the kid was amazing and he came in and did his thing – then left like it was no big deal. But it was a big deal, because once again he dominated! While Zac was doing what he does, I talked to Aaron about my concerns regarding the “Phoenix” vocal performance.

He told me that he still felt like we had “good enough” takes to build a “good” comp, but if I wanted to do it again then I could give it another shot later in the day. That was all I needed to hear; I knew that the vocal for “Phoenix” needed to be much better than “good enough”, and I was determined to make it better.

But, first things first, we had to do the vocal for “Come Home Soon”. Similar to “Phoenix”, “Come Home Soon” is a song that the vocal performance is key. I felt like I failed on “Phoenix”, and I was up thinking about it all night. Again, singing is all about feel for me – when I write songs, when I record my demos – I’m always sitting down on a piano bench. That is what feels comfortable to me, and even though it isn’t normal for other singers to sit while they track vocals, it is normal for me – so I decided to sit down to do vocals on “Come Home Soon”.

After the first line of the song, I felt comfortable again. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was because I was sitting down or maybe it was something mental – but whatever it was, I felt like I was singing like me again. We did three or four takes and we were finished. It was apparent to Aaron that I felt better so he asked me if I wanted to sing “Phoenix” again. Of course I said yes. I took a break for a little bit, then sat back down and took another shot at “Phoenix”.

I sang it better than I ever had, and my mind felt better instantly. I’m thankful that Aaron gave me another shot at the song, because the song means the world to me. Some Producers wouldn’t have given me another shot, or wouldn’t have believed that I could sing it better than I did the day before – but Aaron isn’t like most Producers. He gave me another chance when we didn’t have much time left and he believed in me when others wouldn’t have. At the end of day five, I felt at peace with the session and knew I would sleep better after I redid the vocal for “Phoenix”.